Stage Hypnosis Show Training Testimonials

The Rev. William Mitchell is a Professional Hypnotist who has developed an “Award Winning” reputation for performing entertaining, clean stage hypnotism shows you can trust!

William is well recognized for his ability to train individuals who desire to become stage hypnotists.  Below you will find a selection of testimonials from recent graduates of the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis Stage Training Program.

Thank you William! Your hypnosis show internship has given me the confidence that I needed to follow a longtime dream, doing comedic hypnosis shows. I’ve never had a better time entertaining, and I’ve been on stage doing so most of my adult life. I’ve been a successful clinical hypnotist for a decade but with these new skills, my clinical work has improved as well. I appreciate what you did for me in my internship and for what you do for the industry. The internship is set up flexible and that’s what really worked for me. Aside from all that, I enjoyed hanging with you and look forward to knocking around with you again soon. I highly recommend this to any hypnotist looking to expand their income opportunities.

Thank you again.

Patrick Boulanger
Myrtle Beach, SC

I attended the Heartland Hypnosis Conference this year and I took the after-conference Stage Hypnosis training along with the ride-alongs with William and Sailesh.

I’ve been practicing clinical hypnosis for almost 20 years but I had no training or experience doing stage shows until this year. I looked at a lot of difference programs before I decided to study with William Mitchell, and I’m very happy with my choice.

Watching William and Sailesh Jiawan do their after-prom shows, and listening to them explain their respective shows helped me see not only what they do but also understand why they do it that way. They taught me everything from technique to show structure to how to manage the audience to ensure the best possible show.

One week after attending this training, I performed my very first professional (yes, I got paid!) stage hypnosis show.  I was confident, prepared, and the show was a success!  I was amazed that the show went to well, and I give all the credit to William and Sailesh.

If you want to start doing stage hypnosis shows, I definitely recommend William Mitchell’s Stage Hypnosis Internship.

~ Jeffrey Richards, CH, T-NLP

Columbus, OH

“Today, I did my first stage hypnosis show – it was a free show for a small group, but I had some great subjects and I now know I can do it with more practice. Thank you! I hypnotized people and entertained my audience.”

Anna Margolina ,

PhD, CHt, is master hypnotist, speaker,

author, spiritual teacher and sacred feminine vitality expert.

My name is David Morrow and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in North Carolina. I have been working in the mental health field consistently for almost 23 years. In May 2013, I took the stage hypnosis show internship with William Mitchell. I had great anticipation prior to the actual internship, and William exceeded my expectations. I was William’s only student that weekend and William was able to quickly see my strengths and places where I need improvement. I had the privilege of joining him in performing my first stage show during the internship. It was awesome! The show was at an after graduation party for a high school. We had great interest from the group, and the “stars of the show” responded beautifully. I did my first few rapid inductions. William taught me John Cerbone’s butterfly induction earlier that evening, and I did it successfully a few hours later! I did it with one person who said she could not be hypnotized. She went into a trance and responded to every suggestion given to her, including the post-hypnotic suggestion. It was amazing. During the show, we used lots of different hypnotic phenomenon including amnesia, age regression, positive hallucinations, post-hypnotic suggestions, and others. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. The thing that is most impressive about William’s teaching is his focus on the emotional and physical safety of all involved. For example, he chooses his words and phrases very carefully to ensure that no one becomes aggressive, and that no one does anything that would be embarrassing later. His entire show is appropriate for all ages. After the show, William processed my performance with me, and helped me to see where I can improve. Then, he helped me to learn about ways to get started in advertising. He connected me with someone that can take the video from the show and make it into a demo. We addressed what needs to be put in a business contract when a show is scheduled, and he helped me begin the process of writing my own show. Now I can finish my show with my own creativity, and be confident in my skills and abilities. He is a true professional as a stage hypnotist and as a teacher.

Prior to my stage hypnosis internship, I purchased a few of William’s teaching DVDs. I picked up some more while I was with him. Everything I have observed from William Mitchell has been professional, informative, and practical. For all of his teaching, he has definitely earned A++.

R. David Morrow,
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Greenville, NC

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to learn and perform as a stage hypnotist under your Stage Hypnosis Internship. Watching and learning from you prepared me well for this unique and rewarding experience. Being able to travel to several shows and assist you at setting up the equipment at these stage shows and then watch from and learn from the sidelines was a great modeling experience for me. Also I wanted to thank you for getting my first two bookings as a stage hypnotist at couple of high school prom after parties. My first two shows have gone better than I expected and better than my audiences had expected as well. Although my shows have been small I had a good number of volunteers and have been fortunate to get a very high percentage to go deep into hypnosis and they definitely were the stars of the shows. This I credit Mitchell Institute of Hypnosis for it’s thorough, experienced and knowledgeable training. I would highly recommend Mitchell Institute to anyone wanting to learn hypnosis from clinical hypnosis to stage hypnosis or even as self-improvement.

Thanks again for all that you have done to help me learn this wonderful thing called hypnosis.


Michael J. Hopkins, CH
and now Stage Hypnotist

I would like first to thank God for allowing me to find the amazing gift of Hypnotism. I also would like to thank my friend and awesome mentor, William Mitchell, who took


to bless me with his many years of experience and knowledge.

I have to say that when I use the term “Divine hand” I really mean it! Let me tell you about my experience on how I met Rev. William Mitchell.

I remember getting on my knees and praying to God that he would allow me to find something that would help me. The morning after my prayer I woke up with the word hypnosis in my mind. Hypnosis!  I thought, what is that? When I arrived at my office, I jumped on Youtube and started to look for what was hypnosis. I quickly learned that this was a profession and not what I thought hypnosis was as a kid. I researched what hypnosis was for three days, then I came to the conclusion that this was what I needed to help me. I then typed on Youtube “ hypnosis school”. This is when I saw Rev. William Mitchell’s invitation for the St Louis Heartland Hypnosis Conference combined with the Hypnosis Certification Class and Stage Hypnosis Training.

I quickly called the phone number provided and left a voice mail. I was very surprised when I found out on the voicemail that William was also the Pastor of a church as well as a hypnosis instructor.  I was really happy due to the fact that I am also a minister. William Mitchell then called me three minutes after I had called him. Before he returned my call, I asked the Lord that if it was His will for me to learn Hypnosis, that William would use the words I asked the Lord to put in William’s heart. As our conversation started on the phone, William began to use the words that I had asked the Lord to give to William. I could feel the “Divine hand!”

William never sounded like a salesman to me on the phone. I was convinced that the Lord placed William in my life for a reason. When I arrived in St Louis, I remembered praying in my hotel room asking the Lord to bless me through William Mitchell. When I was finally able to shake William’s hand for the first time, I felt peace at that moment and felt that the “Divine hand” had guided me to this time, place and person.

As the week went by and we studied in the classroom, I was pleased to see how much knowledge and skill Rev. William Mitchell had acquired over the years of his practice as a Hypnotist. As William explained all the procedures in detail, not one time did I feel lost in the class. I was able to learn a lot of important details about hypnosis, things that are very important in the practice of Hypnotism. William also demonstrated the ethical ways to practice Hypnotism. In class in a demonstration, I was blessed to have a one on one hypnosis session with William. Let me tell you,  this session changed my life! I was very happy that I got to experience Hypnosis with such an experienced and skilled Hypnotherapist.

After our Certification class was over, I then had the privilege of attending the Heartland Hypnosis Conference.  I was able to meet and learn from so many great Hypnotists from all over the world! Let me tell you this was an unforgettable experience. I learned so many skills and ways to be able to practice Hypnotism. I also made a lot of new friends and happy memories.

The most unforgettable experience was when William asked me to accompany him to two high school after-prom hypnosis stage shows that he had scheduled for that weekend of the Conference. I did not know why William was so certain I should go with him, because I had already made plans to go out that night to another hypnosis stage show with another hypnotist I had met at the conference.  I was confused. I remember going in to my hotel room and praying once again asking the Lord what He wanted me to do. This was again the “Divine hand!”   Because on the way to the shows, I was able to open up my heart and speak to William about what I was going through personally.  William listened to me and spoke to me from his heart and I heard what I needed.

After a long drive, we finally arrived at the first show, where I got to observe William in action. I was blown away, it was a great show!  I was surprised that William then asked me to participate with him on his second show that night. When we arrived at the second show, I was terrified, but then all the training and the skills William had modeled for me rushed into my mind. It was AMAZING! Suddenly, I was in the “zone”. I was able to hypnotize several high school students in the crowd. Then in the show,  I was coordinating hypnosis skits in the crowd with the skits William was suggesting to his volunteers on stage. We had two shows going at the same time! It was amazing, both for me and the audience!

This opportunity filled me up with positive confidence!!!  I then understood why the Lord put it in William’s heart to take me to his shows. The Lord knew what he was doing, the “Divine hand!” This experience allowed me to return to Florida and immediately begin working with clients and doing clean comedy hypnosis stage shows.

I don’t have enough words to describe how thankful I am for the guidance of William Mitchell. I consider him a spiritual father, mentor, teacher and now my good friend.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rev. William Mitchell’s Institute of Professional Hypnosis to anyone that wants to be a professional Hypnotist. There is no question in my mind that this is the best practical training out there both for clinical and stage hypnosis!

~ Freddy Echevarria Jr.