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Learn how to HYPNOTIZE with William Mitchell
NGH Hypnotize Certification Training in Springfield, Il

COST IS $2400 PAID IN FULL (Payment plans available over 5 months 5 x $500 =$2500)
Location: Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic Springfield, Il

The Rev. WIlliam Mitchell M. Div. BCH Certified Instructor


ngh certification class 2014NGH Hypnosis Certification Courses in Springfield, Il
Taught by William Mitchell, BCH, CI

Various dates throughout 2022-23

 (If you are already certified by another organization or NGH
you may audit the class for $700 or receive Certification with NGH for $910. The regular fee is $2,400. )

You can become a Certified Hypnotist

People who learn hypnotherapy love the work that they do…

People are looking for professional hypnotists

With a lot of positive press, and endorsements from almost every TV talk show, people go to google and look for local hypnotists for everything from weight loss to anxiety control.

People are willing to pay for hypnosis

My clients pay me about $500-750 in the first session for three sessions. Hypnosis clients expect to pay an expert to help them, but they are not expecting insurance to cover the cost.

Practice Legally in Your State

With the National Guild of Hypnotists scope of practice guidelines you can practice legally as a non-licensed Consulting Hypnotist. No state forbids the practice of hypnosis. Some states do require registration (Washington, Colorado, Connecticut) and some have guidelines for scope of practice, but it is legal in all 50 states to do hypnosis and offer your services with the material this course teaches. If you are licensed in medicine or mental health, this specialized training will allow you to expand your treatment options for your clients.

Hypnosis clients are not mentally ill

If you are a licensed psychotherapist add this wonderful tool to your practice. The clients we work with are trying to solve a specific problem, but often they are high achievers without mental illness. It is really nice to have some clients who are highly motivated self-referrals.

Professional hypnosis works

In class we cover the academic research that shows hypnosis is real and works. These are the methods we teach. And hypnotherapists who produce results get ongoing referrals from previous clients. If you are a psychotherapist add this wonderful tool to your practice. If you want to specialize in hypnotism, you may practice as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

People seek out hypnotists because they don’t want to see a therapist.

They seek out a hypnotist because there is nothing wrong with them, they just need an expert to help them achieve specific goals.  Therapists diagnose and treat mental illness. These are a different type of client than a hypnotist sees. They come to a hypnotist to solve specific problems or to find unique solutions – and that is what this course teaches.  We teach habit control, overcoming fears, pain management, stress control, age regression techniques and skill-building hypnosis which is the work that professional hypnotists do.

What will YOU learn about Hypnotism?

  • Learn How to create hypnotic inductions including the Elman induction, Dr. Flowers induction and rapid/ instant inductions.
  •  Learn hypnosis approaches that work for smoking cessation, weight loss/control, pain management, stress reduction, improving academic performance, developing confidence, and overcoming fears.
  • Learn How to Structure Hypnosis Sessions.
  • Learn How to Test for Depth and Successfully Deepen Hypnosis.
  • Learn How to create powerful hypnotic phenomenon like amnesia, hypnotic analgesia and positive sensory hallucinations.
  • Learn the keys to successful post-hypnotic suggestion so your clients experience success after the sessions.

In addition to lectures and demonstrations, you will practice hypnotic inductions and offering powerful hypnotic suggestions. Students will conduct sessions with volunteers under the supervision of the instructor.

These classes will offer a special emphasis on starting your hypnosis business,

We use the same textbooks accredited universities use to teach graduate level classes in hypnotherapy. Mental Health CEs are available upon request.

You will receive a certificate , which you may display in your office,  upon completion of this course, noting your state as an National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

Establish your foundation in hypnotism training with a leader in the field ( William Mitchell) and then spend 3 days taking workshops from experts in your specialized areas of interest at the Heartland Hypnosis Conference.

At the Heartland Hypnosis Conference 3 days of advanced training workshops in Clinical, Stage Hypnosis, the Business of Hypnosis and Metaphysical Hypnosis.  You can learn additional techniques and approaches from experts in the field of Hypnotism. Conference presenters this year include pastoral counselors, psychotherapists, doctors, chiropractors and certified consulting hypnotists.

You will learn about clinical approaches and how to build your business. If you are interested, you can choose to sample classes about stage hypnosis and metaphysical/spiritual hypnosis, as well.

In addition to clinical training to help your clients get real results, we will offer a special emphasis on starting your hypnosis business. The Certification in Hypnosis  is from the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis LLC.

The Heartland Hypnosis Conference offers 3 days of advanced training workshops in Clinical, Stage Hypnosis, the Business of Hypnosis and Metaphysical Hypnosis.  Cost $2,400 includes the conference registration. MORE INFO ON HEARTLAND HYPNOSIS CONFERENCE HERE

William Mitchell M.Div., BCH ,CI is a pastor, hypnotherapist, hypnosis instructor and former adjunct faculty at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine serving on the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)Panel. With two successful clinics in Illinois he has helped clients lose weight and stop smoking since 2003. William is also a popular stage hypnotist that focuses on clean and ethical shows.

In addition to clinical training to help your clients get real results, we will offer a special emphasis on starting your hypnosis business.