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Saturday August 18 at Culver-Stockton college in Canton, Mo
Instant and rapid induction’s…..
Aren’t you amazed at the way a Hypnotist snaps  his fingers,  makes a gesture or speaks a phrase and in that instant the person will go into a deep state of hypnosis. Does the Hypnotist have some magic power over people?  Can he induce the Hypnotic state at will?
Once you know the dynamics of the instant and rapid induction you then develop the confidence to apply that skill.  If you’re a practicing hypnotist, clinical or stage,or a novice hypnotist … this class is for you! We will show you the dynamics and the technique for instant and rapid inductions.  In this class you will learn speech patterns,  preparation before induction and what physical signs to look for with potential hypnotic subjects.
You will be taught the Hand Shake Induction,  Eye roll Induction,  Catalepsy Induction,  Butterfly Induction,  also creating rapid or instant induction by post hypnotic suggestion.  All of these can be used very effectively as part of a stage hypnosis show or any public demonstration.  Once you hypnotize a willing volunteer with a rapid induction,  your expertise has been proven and other volunteers will go deep into hypnosis very rapidly!
You will practice the steps taught methodically in role play situations and perfect your new found skill.
Imagine being able to do a hypnosis demonstration in an instant.  You will Be amazing and amaze.
Your teacher is William Mitchell award-winning Hypnotists in both stage hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy. He will be joined by Terry Blome a touring stage hypnotist.
William Mitchell will be preforming that evening at the WELCOME WEEK COLLEGE HYPNOTIST SHOW with Terry.
We will take the Rapids class to the college hypnosis show and the Rapids class can pre-hypnotize college students and practice what they’ve learned.
Then watch William Mitchell perform his college hypnosis show and you could help with students that go into hypnosis in the audience as well as post-show Rapid Inductions , following the show.  It is a great opportunity to practice what you learn at the class.

William Mitchell

Terry Blome