Because all of our instructors will not train anyone in stage hypnosis that has not been previously certified by a recognized hypnosis organization (Recognized is at the discretion of William Mitchell, online only certifications will not be recognized.),
WE will also offer basic hypnosis training in the mornings for students that have not been certified.
So a newbie may secure BOTH NGH Certification and receive Stage Internship Training at the same time.
 This is a great deal in terms of time and money!
Normal Certification by itself is usually $2,200 by itself.
Special deal: If you refer another student that wants to become a Hypnotist,
call William Mitchell to get a reduced fee for both of you.
What will YOU learn about Hypnotism with Certification Training ?
  • Learn How to create hypnotic inductions including the Elman induction, Dr. Flowers induction and rapid/ instant inductions.
  •  Learn hypnosis approaches that work for smoking cessation, weight loss/control, pain management, stress reduction, improving academic performance, developing confidence, and overcoming fears.
  • Learn How to Structure Hypnosis Sessions.
  • Learn How to Test for Depth and Successfully Deepen Hypnosis.
  • Learn How to create powerful hypnotic phenomenon like amnesia, hypnotic analgesia and positive sensory hallucinations.
  • Learn the keys to successful post-hypnotic suggestion so your clients experience success after the sessions.
In addition to lectures and demonstrations, you will practice hypnotic inductions and offering powerful hypnotic suggestions. Students will conduct sessions with volunteers under the supervision of the instructors.
These classes will offer a special emphasis on starting your hypnosis business,
We use the same textbooks accredited universities use to teach graduate level classes in hypnotherapy.
Mental Health CEs are available upon request.
You will receive a certificate, which you may display in your office, upon completion of this course, noting your status as an National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Consulting Hypnotist.