Hypnotists Wanting to Learn How to Become Successful Stage Hypnotists $2,900

Special deal: If you refer another Hypnotist that wants to learn stage, call William Mitchell to get a reduced fee for both of you.
The training will consist of Classroom Aug.8 Thursday William Mitchell and Michael DeSchalit.
The stage training will primarily be afternoons and early evening, before and after shows.
To summarize, the class will include marketing, how to build /program your show, inductions, (rapid instant and group for stage work), skits, music, sound and ethics.
Learn how to WOW!!! your audiences with hypnotic phenomenon.
Post Hypnotic Suggestions that end your show with your audience convinced this is REAL .
How to deliver your pre-talk so that you attract more willing volunteers.
Amazing rapid and instant inductions that are make everyone go WOW!
The suggestibility tests that work with a Stage Hypnosis Show.
How to measure depth on stage so that you keep the best volunteers.
How to create skits for your show
 Your Contract and Rider, Insurance and Performance fees.
The many markets that already exist for stage hypnosis.
 how to book shows in your niche.
How to set your pricing so that you are competitive, without undervaluing yourself.